Welcome to PHPGallue!

PHPGallue is a server based Open Source image management system which uses PHP 5 and MySQL. It is designed to be efficient, scalable, extensible and flexible.

PHPGallue Screenshot

If you search the web for online image gallery or image management software, you will find hundreds of projects that focus on the same target as PHPGallue. Some are client software to manage images on your hard disk and provide HTML export, some are online galleries where you upload your pictures to publish them on your homepage. PHPGallue tries to be more:

The intention to develop PHPGallue is to create a tool for ambitious photographers who want to catalog and publish their work. A drawback compared to client-side image management is that you need a UNIX server environment and/or a fast internet connection, but therefore you don't have to export your images every time - as soon as they are cataloged, they are online, too. In addition, you can use the PHP 5 library libgallue to create your own frontend to the image database and include your images seamlessly into an existing web application.